We’ve been steadily gathering the pieces to form a future of off-grid living, and this little camper magically made it’s way into our lives.
It was never quite in the plan, but hey, sometimes you’ve just gotta jump in and “roll” with it!
(Pun not intended but happily embraced)
Meet the 1970 Frolic.  I got her for a steal from a nice lady named Beth.  Beth lives out on the mesa and likes to craft country art.
She had planned on turning the Frolic into a glamper, but quickly lost her pace.
Before Beth, the Frolic was in the hands of Doris from Colorado, who brought it down many years ago from Nebraska.
It was her home for 7 years as she built her cob house.
I actually had the opportunity to speak with Doris, who said that she loved living in that camper so much,
that when she finally finished building her house, she asked herself why she ever did it in the first place.
A very reassuring testament of camper love I’d say!
I love to hear the story of things.  They too have life and precious Spirit.

I like to sit at the table and think about all the meals that have been enjoyed there, the views out the window.
I’ve been taking my time excavating funky things, broken mirrors, loose screws, peeling wallpaper here and there.
Everyone’s had their say on what to do with the space.  I get alot of “Gut it!” but to that I say “Hell No!”
She’s gotta be able to keep some of her sweet 1970’s charm.  I mean, I wish I could have seen what this girl did back in those days!
She certainly needs some work…let’s just say the bathroom is going to come out, because we’ve got a thing for doing our business in nature.  There will be a cozy bed in its place, and by the way Doris never used the camper toilet and removed it years ago anyway because she had a proper out house.
So the spirit of her turds will not be haunting our sleeping space to say the least.
I am excited to work with my hands, unravel this beast, and practice my woodworking skills.
I’ve been studying woodwork at UNM and needed a good project to sink my teeth into.
The Frolic will be cozy and well loved…and there are already talks of hitting the road for an Apothecary plant tour this Summer.
I’m dreaming of places to go and plants to meet.
What an honor to be alive to make a new home space and experience the thrill of fresh growth.
In the spirit of creation, to the Frolic!