Winterfood is a collection of guided video recipes to nourish you
deeply through the cold season.

In this self-guided course I welcome you into my home & kitchen
to share some of my favorite Winter meals.

Shabu shabu – a traditional Japanese hot-pot cooked right on top of your dinner table.
Perfect for a night of gathering and sharing stories with friends.
In this video I take you step-by-step through the process of preparing this classic dish.

The japanese word for “clay pot”, the donabe is a most ancient cooking vessel.
It retains the essence of a dish like no other. Here we prepare one of my favorite meals, a recipe from my Okinawan grandmother.

Gather around the fire as we prepare a feast for friends. Here I share my favorite ways to build + tend to a fire  while we prepare a hearty meal to warm our bodies on a cold winter night.

Join in me in the forest as we learn how to forage for one of the worlds most abundant winter allies: Pine.
We will learn it’s many powerful uses and prepare 4 delicious medicinal recipes.

Fermentation is the art of preserving food through alchemy.
This ancestral food magic offers a most healing traditional food which
not only tastes delightful but supports a healthy gut & digestion.
Winterfood shares 3 different fermentation recipes to explore a range of techniques.

Every cook needs a few tools to work with. Here I share some of my favorites,
both common and uncommmon to stock your traditional kitchen.

A bath is a restorative miracle. It has the power to unravel the deepest of tensions in the body and bring a tired spirit back to life. This Bath Ritual will take you on a journey through the senses into a fully relaxed state of being.

Every meal has a story to tell, the dinner table a sanctuary.
Winterfood is a window into the heart of a traditional kitchen.