WINTER FOOD is a journey into the Winter time kitchen through the lens of a traditional cook. These peaceful video recipes offer a soul soothing journey to anyone looking to become more adept as a cook and more deeply connected to their daily nourishment.

This self-guided online cooking course features a range of traditional recipes shared through video:

  • Shabu Shabu

  • Donabe

  • A Fire cooked Feast

  • Wildcrafted Food + Medicine Making

  • Fermentation

  • Bone Broth + more.

  • Harvesting Pine video - a walk into the forest to gather evergreen medicine.

  • Winter Welcome video - highlighting seasonal Winter lifestyle tips.

  • Tools for the Cooks Kitchen video - to explore some favorite kitchen tools.

  • Bath Ritual video - to calm your Body and Spirit.

  • There are several omnivorous recipes in this collection, instructions will be included to modify each one to accommodate a vegetarian diet.

  • These are the meals that I enjoy through the Winter, and they just so happen to be perfect for cooking all year long. You can enjoy these recipes through Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.

  • Each lesson is fully mapped out through beautifully captured video and also includes detailed written instructions + photographs to accompany your learning journey.

Please make sure to register with your current email address to receive updates/login info/supply list/etc.

No cancellations or refunds please.

This course is self-guided and the material will be accessible - at your leisure - for 1 year + (as long as I am offering the course,you will be able to access it).