Went into the woods in search of Horsetail and found it in high abundance…
     Horsetail is one of my favorite teas.  It is a powerful medicine…great for your hair, skin, bones, among many other things.
Because of its high mineral content, it is used to nourish the blood and heal deficiencies within the body.
It can also be used as a diuretic to clear urinary track problems, an herbal hair rinse to promote strength and growth,
for problems with the kidneys, eyes, you name it.
The list goes on and on. Horsetail is said to possibly be the most abundant source of silica in the plant kingdom….
and it grows in so many places I have seen all over the left coast.
It likes to grow near water…995199_10201277164667013_2063807736_n(Crystal clear, pristine water…the best kind to gather this medicine by)
 1.  Horsetail, in all of its mighty power, tends to take on the quality of the water that surrounds it.
So you must be mindful where you harvest, gathering from a clean and pure, flowing water source only.
Avoid harvesting near stagnant water.
Horsetail draws out impurities, whether it be from your body,
or the water it grows in.
A detoxifier to boot!
 2.  Many sources advise NOT to take Horsetail whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.
This may or may not be true for you.
Do some research.

3.  The silica found in horsetail can have a rather abrasive nature if used in excess, which will differ from person to person.
This silica is more or less intense depend on the time of harvest.  They say Spring is best, though I often gather in the Fall.

1374308_10201277273309729_1511781281_n(Horsetail – Equisetum)
As my friend Jezebel says…’Everyone here except the dog drinks horsetail tea fairly regular.  Good stuff.’
This is true in my home too.  I love this medicine.  It has the most grounding and earthy spirit.  Calming.  Balancing.  Nourishing.  Perfect.  Such a good friend  ❤
 So, I brought this beautiful harvest home and let it dry in the sun for a few days.
Just laid it right out on the back deck.  After it was dry, I sat on the Earth and chopped away with my best pair of scissors,
the sun warming my shoulders.  So glorious.  To gather ones own medicine, free in the wild, is one of life’s best medicines!!