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My Dear Friends.  As a Wolf lover and Spirit, I have been very inspired to do what I can to help these creatures who, right here and right now, are facing a very serious threat.  After hours and hours of research to get my facts straight, I can now share with you what I have learned and what we can do to stop these innocent beings from dying at the hands of some very scared, mis-informed, and one might even say…blood-thirsty 2-leggeds.
     This is going to be a long article, but I hope you will take the time to read it.  I made my best efforts to present a clear & comprehensive perspective on this sensitive subject, than that of which I was finding on the internet.  I went as far as speaking directly with a director of the Idaho Trappers Association, hunters, and even employees at the Idaho Forestry Department.  I wanted to get the goods, and hear many sides to better understand what is going on.  Why?  Because this is important.  Why?  Because we must take ACTION to help our 4-legged friends.  They NEED us!  We can be Idle no more when it comes to the well-being of the Mother Earth and all of her blessed creatures.  Let us take the time to educate ourselves so that we may assist in bringing Balance and Harmony back into this life, for all Beings.


>>> So here’s the deal <<<

There is a proposal to DE-LIST Grey Wolves across the entire contiguous United States.

What does this mean?????

To DE-list means to be removed from the protection of the
Endangered Species Act, to be taken off of that list.
Wolves have been under this protection for almost 40 years now,
recovering from mass genocide at the hands of humans.
It has been illegal to hunt them….until now.


A brief History of Man and Wolf in the US:

Although Indigenous people of these United States highly revered the Wolf
as a great healer and teacher, European settlers felt differently.
They waged a war against these creatures, who were seen as pests and a danger to
the lives of both humans and livestock.
It seems that the wolf is the only species that has been “deliberately” driven
to the brink of extinction by the hands of humans.
Between 250,000 and 500,000 wild wolves
lived in harmony with Native Americans
and the rest of the ecosystem, prior to European settlement.
Unfortunately, by the 1960’s, only about 300 remained.


In 1644, any Massachusetts Native American Indian
could get either 3 quarts of wine
or a bushel of corn for 
one dead wolf.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 6.58.17 PM


wolf-az-424(You get the idea.)
So, after mass genocide, Wolves were placed on the Endangered Species List in 1974.
For a long time, this protection really didn’t make much of a impact as there weren’t many wolves left in the country to truly thrive.
Finally, in 1995, the Fish and Wild life service took 66 wolves out of Canada and placed them in Yellowstone National Park,
where they were able to more or less begin re-populating, to what is now being considered “healthy numbers”.
wolf_packFor years we have been protecting Brother Wolf,
allowing his numbers to grow, his family to roam safely,
his blessing to be known upon the land.  
WW16>>> The Grey Wolves original, historic range once included almost ALL of the United States. <<<


Wolves were everywhere!!

gray-wolves-current-range(Grey Wolves currently exist on less than 5% of their former range in the lower 48)


 Now, after all of this time and energy carefully invested in bringing the wolf clan back, they are once again facing the threat of man.  Though some officials claim their numbers are steady, the FACT is our Wolves are still struggling.  Struggling to gain a foothold in many of their original, natural terrains such as California, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado, places where they are currently NON-EXISTENT.  Places where it is still very possible for them to thrive and re-populate due to the preservation of the land and habitat.  Wild country.


From what I understand, the Fish & Wildlife Department claims they met their re-population goals for wolves 15 years ago, and that wolves no longer qualify for protection under the Endangered Species Act. The say they are under no obligation to restore the species to its entire historic range. In some ways this makes sense, as much of the territory wolves used to inhabit here in the lower 48 is now said to be UN-inhabitable.
Where the controversy arises, and why some scientist are vehemently opposed to this De-listing, is that there is still lots of wild, natural territory that the wolves have YET to populate. Even in Colorado (where I live), there are wild places and ecological systems that would greatly benefit from wolf re-introduction to the area.  Wolves are Apex Predators, and a natural part of the eco-system.  An ecological effect called “trophic cascade” has been proven in which wolves initiate a more natural environment and balance within the eco-system.

“Since wild wolves have returned to Yellowstone, the elk and deer are stronger, the aspens and willows are healthier and the grasses taller.  For example, when wolves chase elk during the hunt, the elk are forced to run faster and farther.  As the elk run, their hooves aerate the soil, allowing more grasses to grow.  Since the elk cannot remain stationary for too long, aspens and willows in one area are not heavily grazed, and therefore can fully recover between migrations.  As with the rest of the country, coyote populations were nearly out of control in Yellowstone before the wolves returned.  Now, the coyotes have been out-competed and essentially reduced by 80 percent in areas occupied by wolves.  The coyotes that do remain are more skittish and wary.  With fewer coyotes hunting small rodents, raptors like the eagle and osprey have more prey and are making a comeback.  The endangered grizzly bears successfully steal wolf kills more often than not, thus having more food to feed their cubs.   In essence, we have learned that by starting recovery at the top with predators like wolves, the whole system benefits.  A wild wolf population actually makes for a stronger, healthier and more balanced ecosystem.  From plant, to insect, to people… we all stand to benefit from wolves.”

(from missionwolf.org)


Some people I spoke with claimed wolves were killing of all of the wild game.  One lady reminisced of Elk glory days, 30 years ago, when fields were covered in game.  I’m not sure if these people fully understand ecological balance, and the crucial role of these Apex Predators.  To them, wolves may just be seen as a threat to their own personal food supply.
What’s worse is that many Pro-Wolf advocates claim that the Fish and Wildlife Department is attempting to dismiss valid scientific claims and research in favor of politics.  I wonder what these politics are?  Perhaps Game hunters in search for more kills next season, and trophy hunters hungry for hides.  Or even Cattle Ranchers trying to make room for more cows.  The speculations are many.

Cowboys and cattle, ca. 1890


“A WORD TO THE WISE: Don’t expect a fair deal from the US Fish & Wildlife Service.
Their delisting proposal gives a new meaning to the expression
“A Wolf in Sheeps clothing…

The political takeover of what should be scientific decision making,
is epitomized by the bogus process being used by USFWS to determine the status of the
gray wolf and and whether the species is to be protected federally.

The process used by the USFWS boils down to back-room deal-making
between federal and state fish and game managers.
Does this sound like science driven decision making?

Not only was the delisting proposal itself strongly biased,
the peer review of the proposal required by the ESA was also found to be a stacked deck.
A private contractor hired by the US Fish & Wildlife Service to conduct
the peer review was directed by the USFWS to eliminate scientists who
had sent a letter opposing wolf delisting.

Never in the history of the Endangered Species Act has a species been delisted because of politics.
Wildlife Management and politics have hit a new low and established a dangerous precedent.”

(from Predatordefense.org)


So, what will happen to the Grey Wolves if they are De-Listed? 

      Once de-listed, wolves would be placed into the care of the State wildlife officials, who would then be in charge of “managing” wolf welfare.
It is important to understand that there are several states that already De-listed the Grey Wolf back in 2011.
Wisconsin, Wyoming, Idaho, Minesotta, & Michigan.  Wolves were taken out of protection in
these places because their populations had grown substantially, and it was decided that they
were no longer in need of protection.

The wolves in these states were placed under state “management”.

This is where I warn you, Dear reader, that if you choose read any further,
you will encounter some sad news and imagery.
Take heart though, as it may inspire you to do great things ❤



Let us have a look at one state management decision, from “De-Listed” Montana this year, where a person was able to purchase one of 6,000 $19 DOLLAR permits which would then allow him to kill up to 5 wolves in a state where there is a population of 625. This is a REAL example of something that actually happened, THIS YEAR, in Montana. Similar things happened in the other states that have de-listed the wolf.  Hunters in Michigan snapped up 1000 permits within the first 30 minutes of them going on sale.


A few legally sanctioned ways to kill a wolf


trapped-wolf-by-tim-woodyMetal leg-hold taps that crush limbs
snared-wolf_hunting101_comWire choke snares


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA( I apologize if this is a totally offensive intrusion on your beautiful day, but hey, it’s whats happening)
The images above are the result of taking wolves out of protection, de-listing them.
Massive slaughters in places said to be sufficiently populated with these creatures.
I wanted to share so you know the potential atrocities that can occur when you place the welfare of wolves into the hands of State management.

Wolves in De-listed states have had a 25% loss in numbers in the past 2 years (since they were de-listed). From what I understand, there have been petitions to overturn the new Wolf-hunting laws in some places, and voters will vote on this in 2014. I will keep doing research on how to help these wolves that have already lost their protection.

But right now our Goal is to keep the Grey Wolf listed in places where they are still protected, but hardly exist…or do not even exist at all.  Places where there is 100% potential for Wolves to roam WILD and FREE, bringing balance to the land…


We have to voice our opinion and Save the Wolves so that these sacred creatures will be protected and allowed to grow in harmony with all that is.  Let it be that our children and grandchildren may one day hear a wolf pack howling at night in the great wild!

>>> We have until December 17th, 2013 to speak for these creatures <<<
and hopefully inspire friends and loved ones to do so too.


Talking points and advice on how to give a good testimonial: 

Mexican-Gray-Wolves-CWCMexican Grey Wolf
PS.  Although I did not talk about this at all, there is one other threat wolves are facing, specifically the Mexican Grey Wolf.  This threat is a PLAN TO RE-DESIGNATE THE MEXICAN GRAY WOLF STATUS (whose population is a mere 75 as of 2012) AS “EXPERIMENTAL” AND “NON-ESSENTIAL, THUS ALLOWING RECREATION AND INDUSTRY TO TRUMP THEIR RECOVER (From what I understand this proposal lacks specificity, is un-sound, and limits the terrain range of the wolf, thus limiting expansive recovery potential. >>> This issue is very important to address too, and from what I understand is not getting the attention it deserves at this moment so please help save the Mexican Grey Wolf (El Lobo) too!<<<)


996058_10201590449498938_817924621_nWith Wolf kisses



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