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For a limited time only, a 5 pack of Piñon Pine Dark Chocolate Bars, a most popular flavor!  And yes, it tastes like a pine tree paired with the finest dark chocolate and high desert honey.  This is the perfect, tiny yet exquisitely crafted gift for the ones you may not know how to shop for but do not want to, new friends at a holiday party, a stranger walking down the street, your 5th cousins Christmas stocking, etc. etc etc!


Dark Chocolate infused with fresh Piñon Pine needles,
you can taste the tree!

Our Cacao is un-roasted
and harvested from Wild growing trees in Ecuador.

Piñon Pine needles gently Wildcrafted in Northern New Mexico.

Sweetened solely with Wildflower Honey from Taos Honey Co.

With a pinch of high mineral Salt from an ancient seabed in Utah.

Wild Omen is one of the few chocolate makers
who still tempers traditionally,
by hand on stone

 Ingredients: Organic Stoneground Cacao, Wildflower Honey,Organic Cacao Butter,
Wildcrafted Piñon Pine Needles (Pinus Edulis),  Utah Sea Salt

Handmade in Taos, New Mexico




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Weight 9 oz