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A collection of healing herbal body oils for enhancing the DREAM space, soothing the body, and offering a sense of security to those in need of sanctuary.




Mugwort: Key to the Dream Space + Master Revealer

Mugwort is known for its profound ability to assist in unraveling mystery through the dream space. The insights from these dreams can provide wise guidance to our lives, revealing subconscious blocks and buried desires.

Mugwort is also an energy unblocker. It is used in Chinese medicine to release blocks throughout the energetic meridian, regulating Qi, freeing stagnation and influencing the blood to become a more harmonious river of life as it passes through the body.

Mugwort is a womb ally, relieving stuck tension, painful menses and cramping. It can be used to prepare the baby room for a child to come in, but must be used with great caution by pregnant women as it can be very stimulating to the uterus.


Arnica: Renewing Rays of the Golden Sun + Holy Embodiment

Arnica, much like the Sun, is an ally for renewal...well known for its ability to comfort tired spirits and soothe achy bodies.

After a long day working, playing, climbing up that mountain, chasing children, digging up garden beds, running a marathon, or just cleaning your kitchen (ha!) you may find this to be your perfect ally.

It is also really helpful in encouraging safety and embodiment after a soul shaking trauma. A few nights ago, I had terrific anxiety after breaking up a scary dog fight. I poured a glug of this oil into a hot bath, got in and emerged from that tub feeling like a happy potato. I canceled the rest of my plans that day and laid around feeling so content, and so deeply relaxed. This medicine is POWERFUL.

This oil is made with Arnica Cordifolia, "Heart Leafed Arnica" our very own Arnica found here in the Rocky Mountains.

(Do not apply this oil to open wounds, rashes or broken skin, as the Arnica can be very irritating.)

SagebrushLet your Gaze be Far + Clearing the Canvas + Letting go 

On an energetic level, Sagebrush is medicine for clearing energy and releasing what is no longer needed. Where I live you will often find it hanging inside a sweat lodge during purification ceremony.

Sagebrush is a medicine for expanse, for people who wish to expand their energy field into realms more vast, clearing density in the field so that they can receive the messages waiting to come in.

Sagebrush is enlivening, a medicine for awakening, reviving the memory of who you are.

Sagebrush moves energy, moves Qi. So this can be a good medicine for people who feel stuck, stagnant, lethargic, depressed.

Sagebrush is medicine for endurance & resilience, for we see these evergreens sustain life even through the harshest of conditions.

This Arnica + Sage oil has a potent scent, that of camphor with hints of high desert rain. Rub it onto achy bodies, arthritic joints or muscles to ease discomfort and inflammation.


Yarrow: Psychic Shield +  Remember your Essence + Bridging Heaven & Earth

Yarrow acts as a psychic shield to help shelter you from the immense pressure of outer influences.

It is a wonderful ally for deeply empathic and sensitive souls. Helping to build courage to face the world.

When you feel the energetics of safety present, you feel protected enough to explore unfamiliar yet transformative territory.

The sweetest little flowers, a companion in the magic realms, a favorite of humans and fairies alike. It's sweet and comforting smell is like a lullaby, transporting you to other, more gentle worlds.

In Chinese medicine, Yarrow is thought to balance yin and yang, bridging Heaven and Earth. A conduit for superconscious energy.

Known as "Warriors Plant" or "Wound Wort", Yarrow was used in the battlefield to stop bleeding wounds. It possesses an astounding ability to help deep wounds heal. It is a go to styptic for herbalists all over the world.

Yarrow is an amazing uterine tonic, encouraging circulation in the uterus.  It is a next level Moon time ally, as it can help bring on stagnant blood and slow down heavy bleeding. This makes it helpful for both heavy bleeders and scanty bleeders. Yarrow helps break up menstrual blood clots and ease painful cramps. I love to use Yarrow Oil for Womb Massage! To prepare the baby room. This plant is intuitive and knows what to do.

Yarrow moves Qi and promotes greater circulation in the body. It encourages lymphatic drainage and can help induce a sweat. Good medicine for cooling fevers. Relaxes the muscles of the intestines therefore aiding in digestion. Rub into the belly to soothe stomach ache. Rub into temples to treat headache.

Herbal Body Oiling is one of the best self-care practices I know. Set aside some time every day to massage this soothing medicine into your body. The skin is highly absorbent and sucks these potent medicines up like a sponge. You will find it calms your nervous system, relaxes your muscles, soothes your skin and leaves you feeling much more balanced and whole.


This seasonal collection of gently wildcrafted plants have been infused in the highest quality Organic Olive Oil for months. The Olive Oil is grown + pressed in California, the plants are carefully gathered in the Southwest. I work with the most local resources possible, to offer you the highest vibe medicine around.

ALL of the plants in these medicines are uterine stimulants and are not recommended for use by pregnant women, unless under the guidance of an experienced herbalist ***

3 x 4 oz. bottles of beautiful wildcrafted herbal body oils are included in this bundle. Enjoy :::



These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please do a patch test on the inside of your arm to make sure your skin is not sensitive to these medicines. 

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