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((( 5 x Black Sage Dark Chocolate bars )))

Dark Chocolate infused with California Wild Black Sage +
sweetened with Wildflower Honey.

Our Cacao is un-roasted (raw) and comes from Wild trees in Ecuador.
Blended with Black Sage gently wildcrafted in Southern California.
Sweetened solely with Wildflower Honey from Taos Honey Co.
With a pinch of high mineral Salt from an ancient seabed in Utah.

Wild Omen is one of the few chocolate makers
who still tempers traditionally,
by hand on stone

Ingredients: Organic Stoneground Cacao, Wildflower Honey,
Organic Cacao Butter, Wild Black Sage (Salvia Mellifera), Utah Sea Salt

Handmade in Taos, New Mexico

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